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Ann Davis, André Desvallées, François Mairesse (ed.): What is a Museum?

Ann Davis, André Desvallées, François Mairesse (ed.): What is a Museum?
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This book addresses administrators and politicians, museum professionals and museologists likewise. It reflects the so-called ICOM "definition" of museum in a new light and gives an impression how visitors meet with museums.

Revised edition and English translation by Ann Davis and Lynn Maranda, and Suzanne Nash
© Verlag Dr. C. Müller-Straten München and the International Committee for Museology of the International Council of Museums, 2010


Foreword – The Paradox of the Seagull

Michel Van Praët

Ann Davis

François Mairesse, André Desvallées and Ann Davis
Redefining Museum

Part I: Defining Museum

François Mairesse
The Term Museum

Gary Edson
Defining Museum

André Gob
A Museum Dialogue

Lynn Maranda
On “Museum”

Marc Maure
The Museum: Expressing Identity

Tereza M. Scheiner
Defining Museum and Museology: an Ongoing Process

Tomislav Šola
The Museum Definition: Questioning the Scope and Motives

Part II: Does the Calgary Declaration Redefine Museum?

Bernard Deloche
Definition of Museum

André Desvallées
About the Definition of Museum

Jennifer Harris
The Definition of Museum

Ivo Maroevic
Towards the New Definition of Museum

Olga Nazor
Reflections on the Notion “Museum”

Andrés Sansoni
Thoughts About an “Aletheia” of Museum

Martin R. Schärer
What is a Museum?

Marc Maure
How do visitors see the museum? A picture collection


Works cited

The contributors
About ca. 70 black & white pictures, about 250 pages DIN A5.

ISBN 978-3-932704-81-9